Waste management has become a matter of major concern across the globe due to the effect it has on our environment. Over 62 million tonnes of recyclable and non-recyclable waste per annum is generated alone in India according to various researchers.

With the rapid increase of population in our country, the amount of waste generated per day is also highly increasing. Effective waste management is an important aspect that we as responsible citizens should always follow rigorously. Due to poor segregation and excessive disposal of waste, it has become a major contributor to environmental pollution and has endangered the environment we live in.

If you have recently moved into a new apartment or a society, it is crucial to know the best sustainable waste management practices that you can follow. The best way to reduce waste is to stop producing waste. Here are few techniques by which you can manage your waste disposal in an eco-friendly way!

Waste Segregation

It is the first and most necessary step when you are trying to manage your waste disposal. Waste segregation involves separating your daily household waste into different bins of wet waste and dry waste. Wet waste includes items like food waste, plants, and other all waste materials which are biodegradable. It comprises most of the kitchen waste which includes fruit & vegetable peels, tea &  coffee residues, decayed food, meat waste, and so on. Most of the apartments nowadays have an in-house composting unit to recycle wet waste. Dry waste includes non-biodegradable waste materials such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, clothes, thermocol, etc. The waste particles which do not get decayed in the soil are termed dry waste.

When you segregate waste at home, it helps the waste pickers and disposal workers to identify the degradable components from the non-biodegradable ones. Segregation at the source is necessary for recycling the waste.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We have learned the 3R mantra from our childhood days and it is the best initiative to reduce your waste. To control the increasing amount of electronic and plastic waste, we must take mindful efforts to turn waste into wealth by following the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We can encourage our neighbors and society members to take part in this green initiative.

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce by consuming less
  • Reuse waste as much as you can
  • Recycle items by giving them to any recycling organization


Opt for products with Minimal Packaging

While buying Rice, pulses, and other essentials you can buy it without plastic packaging. Food items or other products that come in multi-layered packaging can increase the waste in your home. Select products that do not include numerous packing layers and shop in bulk at the grocery store. It will help you dispose of home waste effectively.

Ditch Plastic

Plastic is very hazardous to our environment as it is not recyclable. This is one of the primary reasons why you should avoid plastic bags at all costs. Switch the plastic bags with your own shopping bag when you go buy groceries. Avoid using plastic containers to store your kitchen items either. Instead, you can use glass for storage. It is healthier for your family and for the environment.

Dispose of hazardous waste responsibly

Toxic waste like pesticides, chemicals, medicines, used syringes, broken glass, etc should be disposed of cautiously. The soil absorbs the harmful chemicals and the plants absorb them too, and not to forget we consume vegetables that are laden with chemical waste from the soil. Thus, it is necessary to take extra care of it.

All the residents should take collective actions for reducing and managing the waste generated in their apartments or societies. All residents should segregate their waste. The societies and your homes should have separate waste collection bins for different waste. There should be a common compost bin for all residents. We should create awareness among other residents regarding proper waste management.


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