When the weather is getting cooler, markets are swarming with shoppers and the scent of jasmine teases the night sky, you know India is celebrating. The start of the festive season heralds a beautiful two months of festivals, rituals and merrymaking. Every family is doing their best to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity into their homes. And in India, the Navratri period followed by Diwali is considered the most auspicious time in the calendar to make big purchases.


Investment in property is also considered auspicious around this time. And to bring the home buyer back into the property bazaar, real estate developers have amped up their charm this festive season. Home seekers are all looking to seal their deal during Navratri and move into their new home by Diwali. With the uncertainty around several stalled residential projects across markets, ready-to-move-in homes are all that buyers enquire about.


To cash in on the positive mood and festive season, most of the builders in Pune are coming up with varying discounts and special campaigns to attract home buyers. Besides discounts, additional amenities like interiors and free registration are offered during the season. For their part, banks are holding special home loan offers during the season.


But what we really wonder is, if the promise of a free gift or special scheme is ¬†enough to influence the home buyer’s decision this Diwali? What is the home buyer looking for? We visited several project sites in Pune over the weekend just before Navratri to gauge the mood among home buyers and we learned that investing money in property is a big thing for a common service man. Whether it is Diwali or any festival, what matters is what kind of discount is being given, what kind of investment schemes are possible and what kind of bandwidth amount customers can have in their hand.


Whatever the deal builders are eagerly pursuing customers for, it’s not a good deal unless the buyer is assured of timely delivery, quality and the company’s operating health. But above all of that, the home buyers desire affordability from developers this Diwali. And until they find reasonable pricing on the right-sized home, they are willing to wait as long as it takes.


With many offers and schemes coming up, home buyers in Pune can definitely look for a good bargain during this season if they weigh all the options wisely and make informed decisions.


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