One of the trademarks of a luxury home is its impressive range of features and amenities. Back in the day, luxury homes were all about over-the-top décor and opulence. However, the luxury homes of today are known for their minimalist décor, home automation features, and sustainable living environment.


Here are some trending features of luxury homes:


1.Home automation: Home automation is one of the biggest defining trends in luxury residences. Combining state-of-the-art features like remote controlled lighting, temperature control, digital locking and voice-activated commands, smart homes offer their residents the ultimate experience of comfort and luxury.


2.Smart kitchens: The kitchen in the new luxury home is having its moment. These new-age smart kitchens have been spruced up to feature super-sized walk-in refrigerators, high-end dishwashers, multiple ovens, and exquisite sinks.


3.Walk-in closets: Luxury homes are all about intelligent storage, without cutting down on size. That’s where walk-in closets come in. Most luxury homes today feature at least one walk-in closet.


4.Spa bathrooms: Bathrooms, too, have had an impressive facelift. Featuring accessories like walls of stone, magnificent bathtubs, walk-in showers with jets and steam, heated floors and toilet seats, and no-touch plumbing fixtures, these bathrooms spell luxury like nothing else.


5.Sustainable features: Responsible luxury has become the buzzword in high-end real estate projects, and for all the right reasons. Luxury homes are no longer about waste and opulence; instead, they are designed to nurture the environment without compromising on comfort. Rainwater harvesting, waste recycling and energy-saving appliances have become the norm in luxury homes.


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