Who says name doesn’t matter? If you have frequented the developing localities of Pune, you must have noticed the fancy names of the new properties. Luxurious Apartments in Pune have the most uncommon French, Italian or Spanish names. Gone are the days when house properties had good old Indian names like Vihar, Sadan. Now one feels something amiss if the property doesn’t bear exotic English names like Villa, boulevard, enclave and so forth. The question here is not whether it’s good or bad. The question is – does it make any difference? Let’s try to deconstruct the mind of the young buyers, who we assume, are the target audience of this new marketing strategy.


A good name certainly helps in creating a good impression in the minds of the clients. But the reason developers opt for the fancy English or sometimes foreign language names is the assumption that today’s youth is more aligned with the Western concept of development. An English name immediately creates the image of developed, state-of-the-art homes in the minds of the customers which may or may not be true. But it gives a good head-start to the enquiries of the project. Mostly it’s a ruse, and the customer realises it only too late.


In the hoard of the English-name obsessed developers, there is one developer who has retained the India values in terms of naming the properties. It’s Goel Ganga Developments. Most of their completed and ongoing residential projects in Pune have either Hindi or simple English names. The idea is to connect with the people without any grandstanding. However, the facilities, technology, and amenities provided in these properties are of the world class standards. This practice has been very well received by the customers over the years. For Goel Ganga believes that substance will always have an upper hand over style.


In this age of aggressive marketing, it is the duty of the customer not to get dazzled by the fancy names and marketing gimmicks. An intelligent customer should carefully peruse the important details like configuration and amenities before buying the home. Anyway, what difference does a name make? It’s just a name!


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