Here’s How Technology Is Disrupting Indian Real Estate

We live in a highly digitized world that is evolving faster than ever before, and there is hardly any aspect of life that has remained untouched by the advancements in technology. Speaking more specifically of the real estate sector in India, there is much that has changed as a result of Internet technology. From the stages of planning and design to those of construction, sales and management, the workings of real estate have evolved significantly with technology.


Here are some ways in which technology has transformed the real estate sector in India:


1.     Real-time, 360-degree property experience: The advent of virtual reality videos has greatly benefited the real estate sector. Customers can now remotely access the interiors and surroundings of a property with a 360-degree view, which is as good as being physically present there.


2.     Online sales, transactions and investments: The Internet is abounding with websites that are real estate aggregators. With more and more buyers and builders getting online, a large number of sales and transactions (along with decision-making) are taking place over the Internet and with greater ease. Foreign investment into real estate has also become easier because of technological intervention.


3.     Data, trends and predictions: With the technological advancements of cloud computing and data analysis, the real estate sector is in a much better position to take stock of trends and make predictions in terms of consumer demographic, sales and value appreciation. The gap between consumer needs and options in the market has thus been bridged.


4.     Higher level of transparency and access to information: The Internet has enabled instant access to up-to-date information when it comes to rules, regulations and the state of properties. As a result of this accessibility, brokers, builders and buyers function with a greater level of transparency and accountability.


The recently implemented economic and real estate reforms, along with the significant technological advancements, have transformed the real estate sector in India. If you’re looking to invest in 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk and 4 Bhk Luxury Apartments in Pune Satara Road, then Ganga Ishanya – a premium residential project by Goel Ganga Developments – is the perfect choice for you. Explore 2 Bhk, 3 Bhk and 4 Bhk Luxurious Apartments in Pune Satara Road at Ganga Ishanya.


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