A Shift Towards ‘Practical Luxury’ In Indian Realty

The definition of luxury living in India has greatly evolved in the recent years. From being understood as an extravagant way of life and housing equipped with fancy amenities, luxury living is now being understood as an experiential journey with various meaningful nuances.

In addition to the new-age conveniences associated with luxury living, like home automation and world-class residential amenities, features like natural surroundings, green spaces, biophilic design, premium location and affordability are also being giving a fair deal of importance.


Here are some of the prominent features of practical luxury in Indian realty:


1Intelligent design: When it comes to luxury living, homebuyers are seeking more than just lavish aesthetics. They are looking for intelligent design that incorporates features like a good layout plan, green and natural surroundings, open spaces, optimum light and ventilation, and sustainable energy.


2Biophilic features: The biophilic design principle is all about integrating modern day living with nature. In addition to features like natural light, ventilation and green surroundings, biophilic design also incorporates the feel of ‘outdoor living’ into the interiors, through the use of aesthetic terracotta panels, glass façades, and well-defined elevations. Energy conservation, waste management and sustainable living are also key to the biophilic design principle.


3. Luxury amenities: Amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool and gymnasium are now seen as routine, especially when one is making a luxury home purchase. Homebuyers are now looking for amenities that can significantly enhance their quality of life. Home automation tops the list of these amenities. Automated temperature control, remote controlled lighting, high-end security features, voice-enabled functioning of home appliances, etc. are the key features of home automation. Additionally, a good view and the feeling of privacy and exclusivity have become synonymous with the experience of luxury living.


4. Premium location: Urban living today has become synonymous with chaos and congested traffic situations. This explains why luxury homebuyers give a lot of importance to the location of the property. A well-located home will have many civic amenities, like schools, hospitals, employment hubs, shopping centres, etc., in close proximity, adding to the overall quality of life.


5. Affordability: One doesn’t typically associate affordability with luxury living. However, as the concept of ‘practical luxury’ has become popular in the Indian realty sector, homebuyers are looking for finer amenities and an improved quality of life without having to stretch their budget a whole lot. This has increased the competitiveness among developers in the market, raising the bar for luxury projects out there.


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