“In youth we learn; In age we understand” said Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach.


This quote has come a long way with me, since my college days till today.


When I moved from my hometown, I didn’t just leave my parents house, I left my comfort and leisure behind. Then onwards I’ve lived in hostels, PG’s and rental apartments but I never attained the similar comfort I did back in my hometown.


I was aware it is truly impossible to experience the same factors that one does amidst their family; hence, I quit expecting it.


However, when I decided to buy my own house, I was focused on getting only the best of features. So out of many 2 BHK, 3BHK & 4 BHK flats in Kharadi, Pune for sale I chose a premium apartment in a Goel Ganga project in Kharadi.


It came with the best-in-class amenities, features, specifications and, of course, great location benefits.


In short it had more than anything one would need in a modern residence.


During the process, my parents came to visit, so I took them over to my new home.


However, I was surprised to see how my priorities hardly interest them but the mere aspect such as a warm neighborhood and a friendly community did.


That day I understood how a home meant so much more to them than it did to me. Even though it was a bit too urban compared to my native abode, I had indeed attained the comforts and leisure I’ve been subconsciously longing.


I had learned living wasn’t going to be easy everywhere, but I eventually understood that finding the right place lies in our choices and decisions.


If you intend to take the right decision as well, visit : (http://www.goelgangadevelopments.com/)


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