The Financial Benefits Of Buying A Ready-To-Move Property Vs An Under Construction One

Living in the 21st century gives us the privilege of making an informed decision while considering property purchase. However, this does not simplify the decision as the availability of way too many options adds up to the confusion. The first dilemma is whether to choose an under construction property or a ready to move in property? Let’s take a look at the financial benefits of both which would help you make a smart choice.


Financial benefits of an under construction property:


Pay much lesser: The evident benefit of an under construction property is the comparatively low price rate. The overall investment in an under construction property is much lesser than a ready possession property.


Lower EMIs: Buyer to choose an under construction property get the benefit of lower EMIs which is only applicable during the construction process, thanks to the finance companies who release payment on phase-wise completion.


Flexible Payment Options: Subvention schemes and attractive flexi-payment plans are offers by builders and developers to lure buyers into considering the property. These options are beneficial for every buyer without a doubt.


Financial benefits of a ready possession property:


Don’t risk delays: A ready to move in home in itself means no delays in possession which counts for a smart purchase. You get the product as you see it and there is no scope for alterations in offerings that would reflect into a potential loss.


No double payments: For a loan buyer who is living in a rented house, delay in possession would definitely be a nightmare. With a ready possession home, you can avoid the risk of paying both rent and EMI at the same time in case the complete home loan has been disbursed.


Easy resale: You can consider immediate resale if you have bought a ready possession home. The process is much easier than selling an under construction home. Ready possession homes have a great demand in the property market.


Builder and developers in Pune offer a great plethora of both, ready possession and under construction homes. You can check for a few great options in various parts of Pune at


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