Tips To Buy A Home In Your 20s, 30s, And 40s

How is buying a home any different in your 20s, 30s and 40s? Well, there is a lot of difference. Your priorities change with your age and so do the measures you must take before buying a home. Read on to find a few valuable home-buying tips according to various age brackets.


When you are in your 20s –

Save: Plan a budget where you can cut down your expenses and start saving.

Check your credit score: Before you buy a home, take a look at your CIBIL score. This will give you the exact idea of how much loan you can avail, which will in turn help you in planning your home-buying process in a better way.

Look for a new home: It’s advisable to purchase a new home and not a pre-owned one. You won’t like spending more money on making major improvements. In addition, most of the new homes come with exciting offers you would love to avail.

Have a back-up: Even after you are done with the down-payment of your home, additional expenses might pop-up that you will have to pay from your own pockets. Make sure you have enough cash in your bank accounts to manage these expenses.

Choose the right builder: Choosing a renowned builder ensures uncompromised quality, transparent business and more importantly, timely delivery.


When you are in your 30s –

Make the maximum down-payment: Making the maximum down-payment will ensure that the high EMIs won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Prioritise: If you wish to upgrade to a bigger home, don’t just think about how much more space you will need. Considering the location’s social infrastructure must be your priority if you and your family wish to enjoy a comfortable life.

Don’t spend unnecessarily: Make sure you don’t go overboard when you spend on furniture and other upgrades.

Timing is key: Before selling your old home, make sure the new home is ready to occupy. Though it’s a bit difficult to get the timing right, you can definitely do it with proper planning.


When you are in your 40s –

Invest: By the age of 40, you must have already bought your first home. Look for a home that can fetch you high returns on your investment.


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