6 Features Of A Flexible Workspace Design

New-age companies and start-ups have set the trend—flexible workspaces are here to dominate office space interiors. Flexible workspaces incorporate elements like adaptable furniture, workspace technology, and architectural elements to focus on more daylight and ventilation. Flexible workspace design solutions help meet the needs of individual work preferences, while also enabling effective collaboration between employees.


Here are a few essential features of a flexible workspace design:


1. Modular components: Flexible workspace design is indeed about enabling flexible work styles. Modular components like adjustable tables and adjustable room partitions are some key features of a flexible workspace.


2. Adaptable furniture: It’s great to have office furniture that can adapt to many uses. A lounge chair can sometimes be used as a work chair, or a standing desk can turn into a coffee table. The idea is to reuse and repurpose your furniture in as many ways as possible.


3. Architectural elements: Architecturally, a flexible workspace is designed to maximize daylight and ventilation in an office space. Additionally, sustainable features are an intrinsic component of new-age workspaces.


4. Free-for-all atmosphere: A flexible workspace should enable all kinds of activities in an office—social conversations, collaborative tasks, meetings and private work hours. The various sections in such an office should therefore be designed by striking the right balance between work and play.


5. Power outlets: Another important feature of a flexible workspace is the strategic presence of power outlets. In the age of digital technology, an abundance of power outlets only enables productivity across different work areas.


6. Effective space utilization: Flexible workspace design isn’t necessarily about open and expansive spaces. Instead, it is about the effective utilization of space, so that every square foot of the office serves more than one purpose.


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