10 Weekend Getaways Near Pune You Must Visit During Winter

Weekend Getaways near Pune

Real estate in Pune and its nearby areas has seen vast growth extensively over the past few years. Pune has pleasant weather throughout the year but it is amazing during winter. You must visit these weekend getaways near Pune during winter.  Winters are the time of year when the weather is lovely, with mild winds and pleasant temperatures, making it ideal for a weekend excursion from Pune. And whether you’re with family, friends, or your significant other, these Pune-area spots are excellent for unwinding after a long week at work.

Lonavala – Lonavala is generally known as the “City of Caves” and the “Jewel of Sahyadri” due to the hill station’s outstanding surroundings. It includes lush green valleys, fascinating caves, tranquil lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls, making it one of the best fun places to visit on your weekend. 

Pawna Lake Camping – Foggy valleys of the Western Ghats surround this magnificent campsite. The tranquil scenery and rich green landscape make this the best place for a lovely weekend road trip near Pune.

Lohagad: Take a weekend trip from Pune to Lohagad in the winter to appreciate the perfect blend of nature and heritage. Elevation level of 3400 feet, Lohagad Fort, offers terrific views of the surrounding area. It is a popular tourist spot near Pune that offers nature enthusiasts and history buffs the best of both worlds. 

Kamshet: Kamshet, India’s paragliding capital, is located in Maharashtra. Because of its ideal weather and geography, Kamshet is one of India’s best places for paragliding destinations. Shinde Wadi Hills, Tower Hill, Shelar, and Kondeshwar Cliff are among the top paragliding destinations in the area. Begin your heritage excursion by visiting Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, and Visapur Fort, all of which bear witness to the city’s rich history.

Panchgani – Panchgani, which translates to “five hills,” is one of the most picturesque regions near Pune and is excellent for a two-day winter weekend getaway. This site, at an elevation of approximately 1,334 meters above sea level, offers some of the most breathtaking views. Because of the clean air, hazy skies, and gentle breezes, Panchgani is a must-visit fun place near Pune in the winter. 

Lavasa: With its long winding roads and water sports, Lavasa is one of the top winter locations near Pune. Take your family, friends, or loved ones to these beautiful destinations to spend quality time with them. Nature walks, rappelling, rock climbing, toy train rides, shopping, road trips, and picnics are available in Lavasa.

Matheran: If you’re tired of the continual shrieking of horns and city crowds, Matheran is your best weekend getaway from Pune. This picturesque hill station offers stunning views from approximately 2600 feet above mean sea level. There are sunset views at Louisa and Panorama viewpoints, horseback riding, water rappelling, night camping, and trekking opportunities. 

Bhimashankar: If you are spiritually inclined, Bhimshankar has one ‘Jyotirlinga’ of Lord Shiva, making it the best place to visit in the winter. Furthermore, it is located at a height of 3,250 feet. It also attracts adventurers to travel across rocky hills and deep green rainforests and wildlife enthusiasts to visit Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Tapola: Go to Maharashtra’s “Mini Kashmir” for a fun-filled vacation near Pune. Tapola, located at the confluence of the Koyana and Solshi rivers, is known for its spectacular views of the Sahyadri Hills from the Koyna Dam. But, before you leave, get your hands on some delicious strawberries, for which Tapola is famous.

Tarkali: Tarkarli is well-known for its beautiful white-sand beaches. It also features the best sands on the Konkan, making it Maharashtra’s most beautiful beach. Tarkarli is a fantastic destination if you want to relax on pristine beaches, connect with nature, and enjoy the delectable local cuisine.

With the need for weekend getaways, new investors can now look for projects nearby these places for visitors to stay and relax when they visit. Investing would aid in the economic growth of these mesmerizing areas and benefit real estate investors in and around Pune. 



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