Why you should attend your Society Meeting or Casual Gatherings?

Casual Gatherings

Society members are always eager when it comes to raising issues, but when called in for a meeting, most of the people tend to chicken out. Did the scenario sound familiar to you? Here are some reasons why you should attend your society meeting or casual gatherings.

Be informed on critical issues

A circular on your society’s notice board might not appeal to you or feel unnecessary if you have a packed schedule but special general body meetings are especially held to address critical issues that may need your immediate attention and participation. It is crucial that you check your notice board timely for any new updates and decide your involvement in the agenda.


Society meetings and casual gatherings are a fun event. The amount of first-hand connections you make at networking events is incredibly valuable. Later during the event, you can develop great relationships which can be vital for carrier growth. Strong social connections make people happier and physically healthier, which can translate into work performance.

Less stress

Social connection is one of the greatest predictors of happiness and reduced stress. You meet new people and develop new friendships which boost happiness and also reduce feelings of stress. When you step out of your home and meet new people it directly impacts your mood. If you had a rough day and you had a good time at the gathering then it will eventually boost your mood and will reduce your stress level.

Healthier lifestyle

To make strong social connections is generally healthier. It is also noted that research found that older adults with a rich social life and quality relationships are likely to live a longer life than those with fewer social connections. This is important for you because a healthy lifestyle will tend to impact your work performance greatly and will bring more positive energy to your life.

New Opportunities

New opportunities to connect are the best things that can come out of your society meeting or casual gathering. Meeting with your peers, that have the same interest and maybe the same goal to succeed can be the greatest occasion for you to build new collaborations for any project. Collaborations sometimes can occur immediately or years after, like a business partnership, that is why it is important to develop relationships in order to grow faster as a business or carrier.

Now that your perception of your society meetings and casual gatherings has changed, start attending them from now on and you will see the difference!


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