Ready possession flats in Pune or under construction property in Pune?  There are so many people out there like you who are confused about what to choose. But don’t worry;here is a thorough comparison between both of these options. Go through it and we are sure that you will be able to select the most suitable option for you.


Cost of the property

Ready possession homes always cost higher than the under construction property. In the city like Pune, if you are planning to buy a 2 BHK home in areas like Baner, Balewadi and Pashan, then ready possession homes will cost you about 75 to 90 lac, wherein under construction property is available anywhere between 65 to 80 lac. So, there is a significant difference in the cost of both types of homes.


Loan and EMI options

Now, banks will make loans available for both the properties immediately, if you are eligible to get one. So, getting aloan will not be an issue but EMIs for both homes will definitely vary. You will definitely get more benefits if you are buying an under construction property.


Investment returns

Under construction properties always have an upper hand when it comes to returns on the investment. In the construction tenure itself, value of a home can increase ten folds if other certain parameters work well.


Construction aspects

Also, the under construction properties have an edge over ready homes when it comes to keeping a check on the construction aspects. You can track every detail step of your construction property. You can see whether pure and original material is being used or not. Such a facility is not available for the ready homes.


Risk Involvement

There is a huge risk involved in buying any under construction properties. If the project gets delayed or defaulted by any reason, then it can directly affect your finance. On the other hand, you can check all the legalities before investing in the ready homes.


What to choose

You get whatever you see in case of the ready possession, while in the subject of the under construction properties, you can only get all the financial aspects covered.


As far as Pune is concerned Goel Ganga Developments bring as many projects in both the categories in and around city. So, after considering above factors, whichever you option you may, Goel Ganga developmentswill always be there to fulfil your choice.


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