Why Sluggish Market Status Barely Affect Pune?

Oxford of the East seems to be holding up pretty great despite the snail-paced market growth.


While most cities have displayed a fall in sale during the slow market, Pune manages to keep its stats high.


So what results in this?

Well since the city yielded good revenue both in residential & commercial sectors in the recent years, it is fast emerging to be the most preferred destination for realty investors.


Several factors make the city a happening destination but, here are five investment attracting factors that shields the city from ill market conditions:


Industrial Development: Hosting about 200 software companies, Pune is now one of the established IT hubs in India. This factor results in about a 1000 new job opportunities every year. That attracts individuals from around the country to seek jobs in Pune and eventually settle down with their families.


Stable Growth: Pune has always maintained a steady rate of appreciation. Areas like Wakad, Hinjewadi, Magarpatta & Kharadi, which, are close to IT hubs, have key benefits. Since Pune market is driven by end-users, thus, prices are never falsely exaggerated. They are entirely dependent on growing infrastructure and affordability.


Affordability: We’ve heard property prices in the metros are going higher than their skylines. However, the case isn’t similar in Pune. Here, the choices are vast enough to please all high, average & low-income buyers. Hence, dream homes aren’t an impossible dream for many in Pune.


NRI Investors: The considerable growth and high returns have caught the eye of the NRI investors. Reports by reputed sources suggest that about 50% of NRIs are willing to invest in the Indian market. And Pune is undoubtedly the most preferred city in the country.


Rising Townships: Many major developers are encouraging integrated townships in Pune.


These projects are highly contemporary and quite budget friendly. Townships in Pune are famous for benefits like large open spaces, ample amenities, and especially natural surroundings.


With factors like these Pune shall continue to be the undisputed investment destination & keep presenting more innovative projects for investors.


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