10 Legal Things To Consider While Buying A Home

Buying a home is one of the longest cherished dreams for most of us. However, often the path of finding that perfect home is strewn with snares and traps that are hard to comprehend. Though such situations might be the gloomiest of the lot, help is not far. The good news is that checking few crucial pieces of information and legal documents about the project and its legal clearance can go a long way in keeping major troubles at bay.


Often the homeowners tend to be overly smitten by the builder’s reputation or by the USPs of the project. This leads to them overlooking several important aspects of the property and legal documents, which can prove very expensive in the long run.


So, one of the most important thing to check is whether your property is legally clear or not! 10 things to enquire before finalizing a home are:


     1. Check, check, check: We spend hours, days and months in searching for that perfect home. But, how many of us honestly take the trouble of doing a thorough background check of the property? Not many of us, right? Checking whether the property is legally cleared is of utmost importance. So never skip that step.


     2. Your lawyer, your best buddy: Get the developer to give copies of all legal documents about your home. You must then present the documents to your/a lawyer. A lawyer will help decode legal terminologies and help authenticate the project and will also point out if there are any muted clauses.


     3. Verify the title deed: It is extremely important to check the title properly before agreeing to it. It is through the title that the person receives the ownership of the property, and it establishes the title-holder as the legal owner of the property.


     4. Double check the Khata: The Khata supports the title and has all the relevant information of the present owner of the property. The Khata can be verified with the local municipal records. It is also important to check if the Khata is changed in the present owners name.


     5. Study the project plan: It is extremely important that you as a buyer go through the project plan. Compare the sanctioned plan and actual built-up area of the project to avoid any legal complications.


     6. Survey the land: A survey of the project land before buying the property can be very helpful. Not only will you get a fair idea about how your dream home would look, but it will also help get a better understanding of the status of the land. That is, whether it is under some legal clouds or verified.


     7. Legal Dues: Request your developer to share the encumbrance certificate with you. This certificate will testify if the property is free of all legal dues and mortgages.


     8. NOC, a must: Most people prefer buying a home in a residential society. If you are one of those who found their dream home in a housing society, then always ask for an NOC or no objection certificate. It is mandatory.


     9. Bank documents: If you are one of those who wish to cut to the chase then this tip is for you! Bank Documents. Bank would approve any project only after checking its credentials and legalities thoroughly.


Consider the ways mentioned above and enjoy a stress-free home buying experience or simply book a home with Goel Ganga. Each of our projects undergoes a series of strict clearance steps and are duly verified. Happy home buying!


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