Vaastu Shastra has played an important role in shaping up the science and aesthetics of home décor in India. When it comes specifically to the main door or entrance of the home, there is much that Vaastu prescribes in order to attract positivity into the home.


Here are some Vaastu tips for the main door or entrance of your home:


1.     The direction of the main door


– The main door of your home should face the north, north-east, east or west direction.

– A south-facing or south-west facing door can be corrected with the use of a lead metal pyramid and lead helix.

– A north-west facing door can be corrected with the use of a brass pyramid and brass helix.

–  A south-east facing door can be corrected with the use of a copper helix.

– The main door should always open in a clockwise direction.

– This door should be the biggest door in the house.


2.     The materials used to build the main door

A wooden door is the ideal choice for the main door in your house.


– A south-facing door should be built with a combination of wood and metal.

– A west-facing door should be predominantly built with metal.

– A north-facing door should be silver in colour.

– An east-facing door should be largely built with wood and minimal metal hardware.


3.     Decorative items in the doorway


– The entrance to your home should always be brightly lit; however, avoid using red lights.

– Avoid placing a dustbin or any broken or dysfunctional items in the doorway.

– Do not place a mirror opposite to the main door of your home.

– Ensure that the door opens at a 90-degree angle, without any obstacles in the way.

– Place a metal nameplate on a north-facing or west-facing main door. A wooden nameplate is recommended for a south-facing or east-facing door.

– Keep the main door clean, well-polished and its hinges well-oiled at all times.


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