Smart ways to do partitions in your room without a wall


Many of you love the bright & spacious feel of your room but have you ever thought of utilizing that extra space for different purposes? Likewise, if you are living in a shared space or a rented home, you can have more privacy by introducing room dividers/Partitions.

The first solution to this that will strike your mind is to build walls. But not necessarily you have to do so in order to split your room. This means you will have to get creative. Fret not, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to split rooms without building walls.

A platform

Installing platforms is without a doubt a fabulous solution for splitting rooms. The extra space left under the floor can be used for storage and also, the floor level automatically creates a psychological boundary around each living zone. They are a good option for your sleeping area where head height is not required.

Decorative panels

The decorative panels are a must-have and to die for. They bring out a contemporary and modern element to your home. With this temporary and stylish solution, you will never have a dull moment in your home.

Display cabinet

You can separate your bedroom from the lounge area, dining area from your living room, or any part of your home smartly by placing a display cabinet and you will eventually combine fashion with function. Fill your cabinet with some interesting sculptures, potted plants, framed photographs, and seashells collected from one of your beachside vacations or anything else that you think is worth keeping here. Just try not to clutter it with too many objects.

A modern take on a classic bookcase divider

To divide living spaces, bookcase dividers have been used for millennia now. It enhances the height of the room and makes it look alluring and elegant. It is your best bet for room dividers. Additionally, you can include sliding bookcases or cabinets as well to increase your storage space and to keep your home uncluttered and organized.

Boo Shelves at Partition

Install blinds

You can go for stylish blinds to mask the view any day. It is the most efficient and simple to split your room. Blinds might take up little space but they are super easy to assemble and are on the go. Your room will look a lot more sophisticated by installing them. Blinds create a division without fully enclosing the space and thus maintain a breeze feel.

Plants as room dividers

What better way to split your room into two different parts than to by just installing plants in between. This will help you to satisfy your wish of having an indoor garden, keep your interiors feeling refresh and rejuvenated, and will also build Partitions without having to build any concrete wall. If you are currently living in a rented apartment and are not allowed to make any internal alterations then this method is the best way for you to screen a part of your apartment without leaving any permanent marks.

You just have discovered the smart and creative ways of splitting your room without necessarily building permanent walls. It’s super simple and easy, right? Then, now you are ready to transform your home with a striking makeover! So whether you are trying to create a home office space or a private kitchen in your home, start using any of these simple hacks to bring a sense of partitions. We hope that these tips will come in handy and help to add some style to your homes.


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