On a very hectic day in office, Mr.Sharma suddenly received a call from his neighbour. The next moment he sprinted towards the parking lot to get back home. The neighbour had informed that something has got the fire alarm buzzing in his house. Mr.Sharma got back home to find that his son had forgotten to turn off the press iron. This resulted in two things – Mr Sharma missed an important meeting and his son, of course was grounded for week!

This can be a scenario in any house but it can also be avoided easily. The real solution to such problems is Home Automation. This phenomenon has become an integral part of modern homes. That’s the reason they are offered by Goel Ganga Acropolis in all their apartments. Acropolis is offering residential properties for sale in Baner-Sus, Pune, pre-installed with home automation.

So let’s understand what exactly home automation is and how it will benefit you.


Home Automation Features

Home automation is nothing but an apartment management system. It is like having a remote to control electrical appliances, lights, door locks etc. With just one click on your smart phones, you can turn on the lights or check whether all the electrical appliances are off even from your office. It keeps you connected to your home even when you are away.


How it benefits:

– Provides convenience

– Saves Energy and time

– Gives access to security devices of your home irrespective of your location

– It can also improve aesthetics of your homes as installation and usage of different lights becomes easy


Now, the question is, should you consider home automation as a feature while buying a home? Many new home owners and developers will give an affirmative answer. After all, we all deserve a risk free and convenient life.

Ganga Acropolis is one of those residential projects for sale in Hinjewadi, Pune, that is offering 2 &3 BHK luxury apartments with premium amenities and features including home automation. Ganga Acropolis gives you a real experience of upper crest living.


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