Here Are 10 Ways To Cool Your Home Without An AC

In the age of modern conveniences and relentlessly rising temperatures, we seem to think that the air-conditioner is the answer to all our heat woes. As effective as the AC might be, it isn’t free of its problems—higher energy bills, carbon footprint and dry skin, are some of them.


Here are 10 surprisingly effective ways to cool your home without an AC:


1.     Keep the blinds closed and the curtains drawn: If your windows are facing the west or the south, it helps to keep your blinds closed during the day.


2.     Invest in blackout curtains: Blackout curtains are designed to block sunlight and to reduce indoor heat significantly.


3.     Doors to unused rooms should remain closed: Don’t let the cool air in the home penetrate into rooms that aren’t being used.


4.     Use a mist fan: A mist fan or a desert cooler is simply a more effective version of a regular fan and a great alternative to an AC.


5.     Switch up your bedding seasonally: Season-appropriate bedding can help control temperatures within the bedroom. Use only cotton or linen sheets and buckwheat pillows in the summer.


6.     Get your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise: Set your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise at a high speed in the warmer months. It makes all the difference!


7.     Use the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathrooms: Make use of the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathrooms to expel the heat generated by cooking and hot showers.


8.     Open the windows at night: Open your windows just a crack in the nighttime to bring in the cooler breeze, but make sure to close them just after sunrise.


9.     Minimize the use of the stove and oven: Excessive use of the stove and oven can generate a lot of heat in the home. Explore alternative cooking methods like grilling for when it’s very hot.


10.  Use as few lights as possible: Switch on only the lights that you absolutely need to keep the temperature in your home under control.


Try these simple hacks to keep your home cool and breezy all summer long!

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