Choose the right colours for your home based on Vastu

Home is a place where you spend most part of your life in. A lesser known fact: The right colours of our house unconsciously reflect our inner self and eventually affects our mood. In fact, it is a proven fact that colours have a significant psychological effect on people. Different colours stimulate distinctive emotions in people.

VastuShastra, the ancient science of architecture, says that colours play an important role in bringing balance to our mind and body. Vastu suggests specific colours for each room. By following these right colours you will automatically feel the positive vibe in your space and the flow of good energy all over.

Take a look:

Living room:

Living room is where you hang out with friends and family. It should be warm and welcoming as well as bold and vibrant, bubbling with energy. Blue, green, yellow and beige are the best colours for living room. However, Vastu suggests to add a tinge of red colour in the living room. The whole space will become lively beaming with fresh energy.

Dining room:

Green, pink and blue are the colours ideal for the dining room. The colours bring in a good peaceful environment along with prosperity, health and happiness. It relaxes the mind and body.

Master bedroom:

The most appropriate colours for bedrooms are pink, blue, green, grey or purple in their lighter shade. These colours bring tranquillity, relaxation and induces sleep.

Children’s room:

Your child’s room should be vibrant and peppy just like them. Orange, pink, blue, green or lavender are ideal for it. Avoid too much of red as it is an aggressive colour and could be stressful.


According to Vastu, orange, white, green, yellow, pink, chocolate are the ideal colours for a kitchen. Vastu also suggests to keep a touch of red even if it is just on a small patch on the wall. Try to avoid black or grey in the kitchen area.


The recommended colours for the bathroom are shades of white, black, grey, pink and all the pastel shades. All these are elegant and relaxing colours and will look good too.

All that said, each direction compliments some specific colours. Therefore, home owners should adhere to the general guidelines for colours as per VastuShastra. Goel Ganga presents Ganga Aria, a project of premium 1 Bhk and 2 Bhk residential apartments in Dhanori is your ideal Vastu compliant home. Choose from a range of modern amenities that offer you a comfortable lifestyle.


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