The benefits of making your home Vastu-compliant have been held in high regard for centuries in India. A Vastu-compliant home is believed to be happy, healthy and prosperous. There are two ways to ensure that your home complies with the prescriptions of Vastu. The first is to pay attention to the structure of the house to assess whether or not the directions of the rooms are Vastu compliant. The other way is to make small, mediated changes to the décor of your home to imbue it with positive vibrations.


Here are 7 simple ways in which you can make your home Vastu-compliant:


1. Hang bells at the entrance: Metal bells at the entrance of your home will bring peace, tranquility and the music of positivity to your house.


2. Add lights and fragrance: Light up your home with earthen lamps and natural fragrances to suffuse it with calm and positive vibrations that promote happiness and peace of mind.


3. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom: Vastu dictates that hanging up a mirror in front of your bed can have ill effects on your health. If at all you hang up a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that it is placed strategically.


4. Hang up a nameplate: Hanging up a nameplate at the entrance of your house is believed to invite great opportunities for prosperity and success into your life.


5. Display an aquarium: Installing an aquarium or a fish bowl in your home represents the movement of life and lends a calm to the environment at home.


6. No medicines in the kitchen: The kitchen has been regarded as a sacred space in Indian homes. Because medicines denote illness. Vastu recommends that they should never be stored in the kitchen to ensure good health.


7. Clean the doors and windows: The doors and windows of your house are recognized as the entryways into your home, so it is essential to pay attention to maintaining them and keeping them clean and free of dust.


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