5 Outdated Home Decor Trends To Ditch In 2017

In the world of home-décor, new trends have always quickly replaced the old ones. As someone wise once said, it is more important to know the don’ts than the do’s. Same goes for home décor!

There are new colour palettes, furniture styles and designs in the market that you need to look at before furnishing your interiors. Take a look at your home, if you’ve still got any of the following elements in your interiors, then you probably need a change.


1. Copper

Options like silver, gold, chrome and brass have burst upon the home décor scene! Not only are they more vibrant, but also provide the much wanted lustre to your interiors.


So it’s time to say goodbye to copper.


2. The Industrial Theme

The industrial theme has always meant bare wood or metal tables, chairs and accessories. These materials are not only heavy but they are also expensive. Lighter, less expensive and more colourful materials are coming up in the industrial scene and providing better options.


3. Scandinavian – monochromatic theme

Over the past two years, the Scandinavian style of home décor introduced us to a theme that is chic and lavish yet minimalistic. But the emphasis on white and off-white shade on walls and flooring topped with solid single colours (the core of this theme) now feels dull and a bit over-co-ordinated.


4. White on white colour scheme in Kitchen

This is an extension of the Scandinavian style. The white on white colour theme became very popular in 2016 as it is classy and bright at the same time. However, kitchens can be hard to maintain and the white-on-white colour scheme adds to the maintenance costs.


Black and red shades are now being used instead of white, thanks to their easy to maintain quality.


5. Oversized furniture

Oversized future is not easy to maintain, is hard to rearrange and also take up a lot of your precious real estate. Oversized furniture is now being discarded for multipurpose and smaller furniture pieces.


This gives more space, have lesser maintenance costs and offer the luxury of accommodating more people in a smaller space.


So just keep the 5 aforementioned outdated trends in mind when you’re planning the home décor of your new home.


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