5 Benefits Of Outdoor Play Activities For Kids

It is hardly uncommon for kids today to spend a large part of their childhood within the confines of their homes, playing indoor games on some device or the other. It is at this point in time that the merits of outdoor play activities must be emphasized. The benefits of children playing outdoors are many, and one can never stress their importance enough.


Here are 5 benefits of outdoor play activities for children.


1. Promotes physical health: Playing outdoors allows children to benefit from the goodness of fresh air and sunlight. This helps boost their immunity against many diseases and keeps them healthy and strong.


2. Healthy growth and development: Activities in the outdoors are a great and enjoyable way to help children grow in a healthy way. The process is beneficial for the development of their bones and muscles, and it helps them maintain the ideal weight.


3. Improves social skills: Playing outdoors in the company of other children is crucial to helping children develop their social skills. Playing collaborative games and participating in group activities also helps children form a healthy sense of self.


4. Increases attention span: Allowing children to play outdoors in a free-spirited and unstructured manner has been shown to improve their attention span, which in turn has direct positive impact on their intellectual and academic activities.


5. Promotes mental well being: It may be hard for us to believe that children, too, can suffer from various forms and manifestations of stress, anxiety and depression. Playing outdoors is essential for maintaining the mental well being of children.


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