Real estate investment is best for early retirement – Expert decodes

Real Estate Investment

The real estate investment market is one of the few investment possibilities that have been around forever. Director of Goel Ganga Developments Mr. Anurag Goel says, “If you want to retire early, you need to start making plans for it as soon as possible. This results in a lighter burden and a higher chance of appreciation.” Anurag Goel is suggested. 

Lower your debts

“One can start with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and investment alternatives (SIP). Putting money here won’t burden you and will build up an asset when you retire, “added Goel.

Prioritize developing rental properties and repairing them

“It would be simpler for you to retire if you had more rental properties,” he recommended.

Optimize Your Investment

“Planning your early retirement income will be much easier, and you could enjoy an early retirement too,” he concluded.

Source: Wealth Guide: Real Estate – How investing in the realty sector helps you plan retirement early – Expert decodes

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