The Perks Of Living In A Locale Like Undri

Undri is a preferred residential destination for families in the in the southeast part of the city. The suburb is exceptionally well integrated with commercial spaces and social infrastructure and this adds value to the lifestyle of its residents.


Here are some of the perks of living in the locale of Undri in Pune:


Clean social infrastructure

Undri is known for its green expanses and large gated communities, as well as exceptional social infrastructure that makes it a prized neighbourhood.


The suburb has numerous parks & public grounds in its vicinity, where one can enjoy peaceful evening strolls, a game of cricket or a morning jog.


Apart from this, Undri has wide roads and well planned public spaces that are looked after by the Cantonment which pays special attention to cleanliness & maintenance within the suburb.


Close to the best schools in the cityUndri is the address of many renowned schools in the city like Delhi Public School & the Bishops School. For families with children, there’s no better location as dropping your kids to these education centres is just a short drive from home.


Shopping centres and markets 

Whether you’re shopping for daily groceries or exotic brands, Undri has so many places to visit.


The suburb has a number of malls and departmental stores that dot the streets offering everything you would expect to complement your cosmopolitan lifestyle.


As for fresh fruits and vegetables, you don’t have to go far. The junction on the main road that leads to Undri is a mini-market in itself, offering the freshest natural produce.


A smooth commute

Undri is flanked by the upscale suburb of NIBM and is connected via new roads to business districts like Hadapsar & Kharadi.


This means that if you own a home in Undri, you will be cutting down on time spent in daily commutes to and from your workplace.


Undri has wide roads with excellent civic planning, and the placement of signals eases the flow of traffic that is a hindrance in other parts of the city like Baner & Hadapsar.


A growing investment destination

Undri is still developing and incorporating more sprawling gated communities within its neighbourhood. This is good news for those looking for a robust investment destination.


In the last 2 years the suburb has clocked an appreciation of nearly 40%. This means that the value of homes are growing year by year and investing early is key to cashing-in on this growth corridor.


If you find these perks of owning a home and living in Undri irresistible then Ganga Sai Ganga is the residential development for you.


The project offers spacious 1 & 2 BHK homes in the prime location of Undri, surrounded by an exciting range of amenities.


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