Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Goel Ganga Developments

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” – Susan Scarf Merrell


Siblings share a deep, multi-faceted relationship. They can be friends, solving each other’s problems and giving each other reasons to laugh. They can be shields, guarding you against a parent’s wrath when you’ve gotten caught red-handed. They can be secret holders who will protect your secret like their life depended on it. And they can also be the sole and often infuriating reason for you to get into trouble in the first place. So whether you’re partners in crime or facing off against each other for another amusing argument, you know that your day would be incomplete without them.

So, to celebrate this everlasting bond, we have Raksha Bandhan. A day dedicated to strengthening the relationship between siblings, it serves as a reminder of how far the two of you have come and how much further you can take each other. The festival involves the sister tying a holy band around her brother’s wrist. In return, the brother presents her with a gift and promises to protect her throughout her days.


More than anything, Raksha Bandhan serves to remind us that no matter how far siblings may grow apart, the thread can never be truly broken. It is almost a physical manifestation of the purest form of love. It is not merely a thread tied out of tradition but carries much more significant value. There are very few people on whom we can truly count on, and a sibling comes right at the top of that list.


So, as Raksha Bandhan comes around this year, revel in the fact that you have someone who will be by your side through thick and thin. A brother and sister give each other the most precious gift of all; companionship.


Over our three decades, we at Goel Ganga Developments have made commitments and built projects as sturdy as the bond between brothers and sisters. We understand that value and reliability are what drives any relation forward. As is evident with our projects; Platino, Acropolis, Ishanya, Aria and Niwas, we have always striven to be your companion and fulfill all of your dreams.


Wishing you a Happy Raksha Bandhan


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