Properties around the airport area have shown incredible appreciation and continue to be a successful investment option.

Let’s take a look at the reasons behind it:

Excellent Connectivity To The City Centre

Airports are always well-connected to the city-centre by wide-lane roads, to reduce commute time. If you happen to live near an airport, you can enjoy the benefits of this infrastructural developments as well.

A host of other civic amenities like major bus-stops, shuttle services & direct railway/metro-lines are also available.

Commercial Presence

An airport is an important destination in any city. The amount of footfalls it receives is extremely high. To capitalise on this, many shopping complexes, Hotels, plazas and food centres emerge in this area. This type of commercial growth greatly increases the property value near the airport.


It’s the infrastructural growth that leads to industries, commercial centres being established in the area. Once you have that, social infrastructure and residential real estate of course gets a big boost too. And in this way the area becomes a major real estate hub.

Centre of Economic Activity

An airport employs thousands of people and also has a positive impact on the local economy. Also, the rental prospects are always great around such an employment hub as more


If you’re looking for a home in Pune, you can avail all the aforementioned benefits by choosing Ganga Niwas in Dhanori – close to the Pune International Airport. Benefits like incredible connectivity, amazing social and civic infra and a proposed Airport Metro-line.


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