Pet friendly house

If you are thinking of getting a fuzzy, little pet home, then you would have to make your home pet-friendly. You need to ensure that the house is safe and comfortable for your furry friend. Here are a few tips that you should take into consideration before bringing your goof ball to home.

1. Invest in pet-friendly furniture

When purchasing pet-friendly furniture, be sure to avoid velvet and silk as these are vulnerable to stains and scratches. Instead, opt for furniture outfitted with faux leather and furniture which are easy to clean and do not absorb odor. You also get scratch-free materials in the market. Keep in mind to avoid light colors when picking a couch, as stains are likely to show up on white or beige furniture.

2. Buy trash bins with lids

Trash bins are usually filled with old food, harmful chemicals and pieces of indigestible items. This can prove to be hazardous for your pet. Unless you want old food and other trash constantly scattered across your floor, it’s best if you install tall trash bins with covered lids at your home. Low-lying trash bins should especially be avoided in your kitchen and bathrooms. While choosing a trash bin, make sure to pick one that is both durable and secure.

3. Keep medications and vitamins out of their sight

The last thing you would ever want is for your little fur ball to get into your medications or vitamins. Many, if not most, of these pills can be deadly for animals. If you keep your medicines and vitamins in your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to place them on a shelf up high. The same goes for toxic foods. Unfortunately, animals can’t handle many human foods.

4. Avoid dangling wires

Eliminate any kind of open wires from lamps, gaming systems, TVs, stereos or anything of the sort. Your animals might get hurt if they chew on any wires. For this, you can get cable protectors so that your pets do not chew on them. Open wires in the presence of pets are one thing that you need to avoid.

Make your Home Pet-friendly

5. Choose tile flooring over carpets

Ditch the carpets and opt for tile flooring. Unfortunately, many carpet materials aren’t durable enough to withstand stains and damage from pets. Not to mention, carpet is known for absorbing nasty odors. If you decide to use rugs in your home, look for the ones that are easily washable and are specified as having indoor or outdoor materials.

6. Store your precious things high

If your home is spacious there are high chances that your pets would like to wander around. They tend to play with anything and everything. To avoid them from sniffing into hazardous chemicals or breaking any glasses, make sure that you store fragile items higher. Easily breakable things such as picture frames and vases can be kept out of reach of pets.

This is how you can make your home Pet-Friendly. These tips will surely come in handy for you to ensure that your fur ball will enjoy in your home.


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