Right from the moment it’s born, a baby takes a much-adored central position in the household. Everything changes with the baby’s arrival. The parents’ world starts transforming to adapt to the newborn’s needs. The car shows off a ‘baby on board’ sign, the furniture undergoes a complete makeover and the parents start planning for the best future of the baby. Every single aspect of their lives changes in order to accommodate the precious new member, as all parents endeavour for their child’s wellbeing and proper development. But what about the house that your baby is going to grow up in?


While all other factors are easily taken care of, the house where the baby is going to spend the most crucial years of its life often stays out of focus. The two most important factors shaping children’s developments are their genetic makeup and the environment. The blend of nature and nurture results in their development, helping them to reach their full potential. Thus, the home and its surroundings, being the very first environment children experience, hold a great importance in their growth and development.


In the early years of childhood, children learn by exploring their surroundings with immense curiosity. Thus, even as the environment needs to be clean and risk-free for the children’s safety, it also needs to contribute to their process of exploration.


Moreover, in today’s fast-paced world and busy routines, it is becoming difficult for parents to juggle between work, household duties and children’s needs. Considering all of this, Gera Sterling’s ‘Joy on the Banks’, is here to provide you the perfect child-centric environment that makes sure your young one gets the best of all.


Starting from small, yet important things like low level buttons in elevators, safety gate doors for the stairs, high parapets and railings in the terrace and child-proof switches, ‘Joy on the Banks’ offers every solution as your child goes through several stages of growth. Facilities like toddlers’ playground in a vehicle-free zone, Resident Granny, Crèche and Daycare, Gurukul, Carpool planning ensure your peace of mind. Instead of looking for different facilities in different places and running around in your busy schedule, ‘Joy on the Banks’ becomes your one stop destination for all your child’s needs. As your little one grows up, complimentary introductory coaching in 11 disciplines like cricket, music and dance are offered. For the kids to revel in fun, there are basketball and tennis courts, gaming rooms, playgrounds and summer camps.


The simple philosophy behind child-centric homes is to achieve the wholesome development of children and provide the best of everything for the future generation. So, here’s the place that’ll fulfill all of your little one’s needs and ensure for you, the carefree sleep at the end of the day.


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