A Checklist For Easy DIY Maintenance At the Home

Maintainance at the home

Owning a home is a dream come true for anyone. But then comes the hard part, namely the maintenance of the said home! Just as the human body needs regular maintenance, so does the home. The interiors and exteriors of a house, the plumbing, electrical systems, heating and cooling appliances, and many other features need to be checked regularly. A neat and well-maintained home reflects positively on your personality and so care should be taken to keep it clean and well functioning. Discarding the useless stuff, wiping the doors and windows clean, fixing a loose wire or the leakage, taking care of the peeling paint, etc. need to be done on a priority basis.

Here is the maintenance at the home checklist to keep your quotidian life hassle-free and smooth.

Monthly Maintenance:

Wiping the Doors and Windows

Washing the glass doors and windows to remove stains and dirt, will leave you with gleaming glasses all around the house.

Drain Inspection

Many times debris and other waste accumulate in the sink drains and bathrooms, which leads to clogged drains and basins. A regular inspection and cleaning of these are imperative to keep them unclogged and functional.

Cleaning the Taps and Showerheads

Salt and mineral deposits not only give an ugly greyish look to the showerheads and faucets but might also create clogging and cause them to rust. Hence regularly cleaning them is of supreme importance.

Washing the Unused Toilets

Many times some toilets remain unused. So It’s important to make sure that the dirt is flushed out from the toilet bowls, in order to prevent them from clogging.

Dusting the Ceiling Fans

Being quite high, fans receive the most neglect. But removing dust from all the ceiling fan blades is important. A paint roller covered with a wet cloth would do the trick of keeping the fans sparkling clean.

Checking the Fire extinguisher

The safety of the apartment is of paramount importance. Fire hazards can come anytime, anywhere. In every building, fire extinguishers are placed in various parts of the structure. Checking them to ensure that they are in good condition at regular intervals is advisable.

Checking for your Plants

The outdoor and indoor plants also require care. The weeds of the plants need to be removed regularly, they need watering and pruning, cutting, and overall caring in order to remain fresh and green.

Discarding the Trash

Unwanted food particles, old newspapers, bottles, and plastic covers would provide a breeding ground for pests like cockroaches, rats, and termites. Getting rid of these waste articles is mandatory in order to keep the house clean and pest-free.

Biannual Maintenance


Cleaning up the AC Filters

Cleaning the AC filters at least twice a year is important to ensure one’s family’s good health and proper functioning of the units. In order to clean the filters, help can be sought from a technician or it can be done manually too.

Washing the House

Cleaning should begin with washing and cleaning all the appliances, furniture, and artifacts with a cloth. The dirt accumulated on the kitchen slabs and the bathroom walls should be dealt with next. If there is glossy, water-proof paint on the house walls, then that should be washed as well, to remove the dust and stains.

Cleaning the Carpets and Curtains

The carpets and curtains attract a lot of dust and allergens. Washing them at regular intervals or using a vacuum cleaner in order to pull out the dirt, would solve the problem of getting any type of allergy from them.

Watering the Inverter batteries

Pouring distilled water in the inverter is important to maintain its efficiency. Else the inverter might stop functioning.

Maintaining the Garden

Whether it is the small balcony garden or the big one; dried leaves and debris need to be removed and shrubs, as well as overgrown trees, need to be pruned. Repotting and adding manure to potted plants is also of utmost importance.

Annual Maintenance

  1. Drainage pipes and gutters in the house might get blocked over time with waste materials. Cleaning them annually would prevent long-term damages.
  2. Dampness, cracks, or seepage on the walls will create fungus and mold layers, which would weaken the structure of the house. Having it fixed is very important.
  3. Flaky walls or peeling paint renders a bad look to the house. Applying a fresh coat or touch-up of paint would do the trick.
  4. Leakages on pipes or faucets need to be fixed immediately.
  5. Holes and cracks in the roof need immediate attention, to safeguard safety.
  6. Regular cleaning of chimneys and checking the gas pipes for damages and bends also should be done.

Some of these activities might require professionals, while many can be done by oneself. With these handy tips, life can become better and the ambiance of the house can become clean and positive.


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