Why Gudi Padwa 2023 is the Most Lucrative Period for a Homebuyer

There isn’t a better opportunity to lay the brass-tacks of your world, your home, on the very day it is believed that Lord Vishnu created the universe. No wonder real estate developers and builders eye auspicious days to provide exciting and lucrative offers to their new as well as existing clientele!


Gudi Padwa marks the New Year for the Maharashtrian community, making it the onset of a new beginning. Unlike  the case of other assets, here, you plan ahead, do your research, narrow down prospects, and only then, do you zero in on a property. It’s only natural for us, the religiously-inclined people of India, to take a decision as big as buying a house on an auspicious day that literally means a new beginning.


Add to that the emotional outlook of purchasing a home when the entire family is full of fervor and joy, thanks to the celebrations and the festivities. Elders believe that wealth multiplies when you buy a home on an auspicious occasion, which is why, large investment decisions such as this require that festive boost. When every family member combines the joy of purchasing their dream home on the occasion of a festival, how can it ever be wrong?


Investing in a home during Gudi Padwa has been no less than a norm in India for quite some time now. Where homebuyers feel that a decision as big as this is best taken on a propitious day such as Gudi Padwa, the market burgeons with numerous deals, discounts and bargains to further their cause.


Deals revolving around a reduced cash down payment, limited-period slashed property rates, and flexi-payment schemes are prevalent during this time. These offers ensure that you make huge savings on your hard-earned money, and aren’t bogged down by hefty EMIs and extra charges on what is supposedly a festive occasion.


This Gudi Padwa, purchase your dream home only at Ganga Acropolis – one of the most awaited 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxurious projects on Baner-Sus Road, Pune. With an array of remarkable amenities and a lifestyle that matches your stature, the project is ideal for you to kick-start this New Year the way you truly deserve.


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