Diwali, the festival of lights is the harbinger of love, peace, hope and unity. It is not only considered as an auspicious occasion for fresher starts but is also ideal for newer purchases. Diwali is often accompanied by an array of interesting rituals. While few of these rituals add to the grace and beauty of the festival, rest often lead to several kinds of pollutions and inconveniences.  Fire crackers are often considered as an indispensable part of the festivities. However, while bursting of crackers may pleasure the eyes for few minutes, it often leads to irreparable damage and pollution.


Crackers are not only harmful for children and adults, but also pose a serious threat to the animals and birds. As a solution to the same, we suggest an eco-friendly Diwali.  An eco friendly Diwali goes a long way in ensuring that you thoroughly enjoy the festivities without hampering the peace and health of other co-habitants.  In this blog we list out few tips and suggestions to celebrate Diwali-the eco-friendly way!


1) Donate: Sharing the joys of life makes them grow double. This Diwali share your joy with those who are less privileged than you. Donate sweets, books, and clothes to underprivileged people and children. Spread the joy of sharing this Diwali.


2) Save Electricity:  The festival of lights puts a considerable amount of load on the electrical energy resources.  This Diwali, replace your regular electrical decor with earthen diyas & lanterns. Beautifully painted or artistically decorated diyas & lanterns create a beautiful ambience. They not only beautifully encapsulate the essence of the festival but are also an eco friendly decor option.


3) Community cracker show: Crackers play a significant role in the festivities. However, let this Diwali be different. Organize a community cracker show, so that all may enjoy the glitz and colours of the crackers without disrupting the balance of the environment.  Apart from being eco-friendly it also helps in curbing accidents and environmental pollutions.


4) Go green: Another amazing way to celebrate this Diwali would be to plant trees.  Utilize the money that you would spend on buying crackers to buy saplings and plating them.  This will not only help in making the vicinity green, but will also be an important lesson for the younger generations.


5) Cut out the noise!: This Diwali be more sensitive towards others. Reduce the amount of crackers that you plan to burn and opt for less noisy options.  The loud noise from crackers is proven to be extremely harmful for babies, animals and birds. So, this festive season let concern be a trend that you proudly flaunt!


Diwali is a beautiful festival that brings people together. This Diwali, pledge to celebrate it in an eco friendly way.


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