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Ways to Amp up Celebrations in Smart Homes

23 Oct 2018

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Ways to Amp up Celebrations in Smart Homes


Smart homes are the new buzzword in the real estate sector, and quite understandably so. Smart homes or automated homes offer a host of comforts and luxuries to the homeowner, while also addressing the pressing concerns around energy-efficiency and sustainable living. Some of the key features of smart homes include automated home appliances, lighting, security features, air-conditioning and voice recognition.


These are some of the things that you can do in a smart home:


- Adjust remotely the lighting and other electrical functions in your home


- Automate temperature control


- Control remotely devices and gadgets, such as the music system, washing machine and refrigerator.


- Enhance home security with smart locks, cameras and pre-set alarms


Here are some fun and interesting ways to amp up any occasion and celebration in your smart home:


1. Lighting control for a special ambience: Ambient lighting to suit the mood and the occasion is one of the best ways to prep your home for a celebration. Home automation features make it incredibly easy to set the right mood with enhanced lighting control.


2. Special music playlist on home system: In a smart home, your music system is connected to speakers across the home via the Internet. No wires and no hassles—just a playlist of your favourite songs to set the mood across the home.


3. Movie screening on home theatre: There’s nothing more enjoyable than screening your favourite movie in the comfort of your home. A smart home lets you create just the right setting for a great movie night-in.


4. Temperature control for ideal environment: Automated temperature control is perhaps the most important but also the most underrated feature when it comes to creating the ideal indoor environment. A smart home does its work silently in the background, so that it never gets too warm or too cool inside.


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