Top reasons why you should buy a property in the Pre-Launch phase

Pre-Launch phase

The pre-launch phase of a residential project is when the builder makes an announcement about the project proposals and starts the sale for the same. The ideal time to buy a property and is highly beneficial for home buyers as it offers a good repayment on the overall costs. The prime benefit of opting for a newly launched project is its cost-effectiveness since various investors show great interest in buying new properties. In order to attract buyers, the real estate prices of any new property are usually lowest at pre-launch.

Here are the top benefits of the newly launched projects that will help you make an informed investment.

Enjoy Best Deals

During the initial phase of the project, real estate developers offer attractive prices discounts on pre-launched or new-launched projects to attract homebuyers and investors. If you are planning to invest or looking for a home, this is the best time to book your dream home at the lowest prices. So if you want to invest in a budget property, look no further than a new launch project.

Customization Features

If you opt for a pre-launch project, there are high chances that you might be able to customize your house the way you want it. While purchasing a property at an initial stage of the project, you can do minor customized changes as the project will still be under construction. You can get to choose the unit of your choice with the best view, favorable location and easy accessibility, and preferred floor all within your budget.

A Profitable Investment

Buying a pre-launch property gives you an undue advantage of booking the property before the rates go high. It is a smart investment not just because you can get the property at reduced rates but as once the neighborhood starts developing you can sell the property and enjoy higher returns.

Pre-Launch Deals

Reduced prices

One major benefit of investing in a pre-launch property is that the rates are reasonable and attractively lower than post-launch rates. Due to various factors like new developments in the area, increasing property demand revised laws, and increasing cost of raw materials, the price hikes after the pre-launch phase. So invest beforehand to save on a considerable amount. Opting for a newly launched project will save your future expenses for registration and interior.

All in all, whether you are a home-buyer or an investor, pre-launch projects are worth a smart investment! Take a look at the upcoming projects by Goel Ganga Developments in Pune to enjoy various strategic advantages while buying your dream home. Ganga Aashray, Dhanori, our upcoming project, comes with various offers, discounts, and a lot more. Book your dream home now!

So, whether you are an end-user or an investor, it is in your best interest to buy a property in the pre-launch phase of the project.


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