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How Do You Choose A Great Neighbourhood?

When you’re on the lookout for the perfect home, one of the foremost features that you should look for is a great neighbourhood. A neighbourhood or locality that is safe and well-maintained, and allows quick and easy access to a wide range of amenities, is …

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Real estate architecture

You Can Make Your Home GREEN!

The new world has everything to offer, shopping malls, ultra-luxurious office spaces, sky scraping residential towers, but not enough greenery. Nevertheless, we can do our …

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Corporate Real Estate

6 Features Of A Flexible Workspace Design

New-age companies and start-ups have set the trend—flexible workspaces are here to dominate office space interiors. Flexible workspaces incorporate elements like adaptable furniture, workspace technology, …

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Real estate architecture

You Can Make Your Home GREEN! (Part 2)

It all started from the electric fish! In ancient ages all that people knew as electric was a fish! Electricity has traveled ages to reach …

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Local Real Estate

Top 3 Places In Pune For IT Professionals To Live In

As one of India’s most liveable cities, Pune is known for its many distinct characteristics. Apart from its reputed educational institutes and great weather round …

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