Realtors Adjust Pricing Strategies in Response to Increasing Construction Costs


Mr. Anurag Goel Director stated, “Market conditions have significantly improved in recent quarters, even though the demand for housing has not yet recovered from the pandemic in many of our markets.”

According to the “Construction Cost Guide India: 2024” research, The rising cost of necessary building supplies including cement, structural steel, reinforced steel, and stones is the reason behind higher pricing. In order to maximise expenditure, businesses are currently reevaluating their real estate decisions. Construction costs are clearly rising, even if the precise effect of the pandemic on these prices is still up for debate. Therefore, it is anticipated that consumer spending would give priority to features that improve the end-user experience likewise Goel Ganga Developments, using the strategy like attractiveness of locations, eye-catching design elements, and impeccable track record that will result in strong sales activity, even though higher pricing points could be a consideration for some of customers.

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