Queen of Deccan leads the real estate race

Real Estate Pune

Pune, Maharashtra’s cultural capital, is one of India’s fastest-growing cities and a prime location for real estate investment. With the pandemic prompting a surge in demand for rental housing and homebuyers looking for extra space, Pune real market has become an attractive destination for investors. 

According to Mr. Subhash Goel, MD of Goel Ganga Development, it takes time to predict which areas of Pune will offer the most significant investment opportunities in 2023. However, Subhash Goel believes that affordable housing, safety, security, convenience, and a healthy lifestyle will be the focus of real estate projects in Pune in 2023

Additionally, infrastructure development can spur economic growth but can have negative consequences. Nonetheless, Pune’s housing market is set to break several existing records and set new benchmarks in 2023.

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