Unchanged Repo Rate by RBI: Implications for Your Loan EMIs


In the latest news, the RBI decided to keep the repo rate constant at 6.50%. This decision provides relief to homebuyers and presents an ideal opportunity for real estate investments. The RBI’s decision to maintain the repo rate unchanged implies that interest rates on loans, including EMIs, will remain stable. Borrowers may not experience immediate changes in their loan repayment amounts. This decision aims to provide economic stability, but individuals should stay informed about market dynamics as future adjustments could impact loan terms. As per Mr. Anurag Goel, Director of Goel Ganga Developments, observes a beneficial impact on the housing market, citing strong home sales and the critical function of sustained interest rates in promoting residential sector growth. However, Ms. Gunjan Goel, another Director at Goel Ganga Developments, anticipates housing affordability issues as a result of expected price hikes, highlighting the importance of developers overcoming these changes for the real estate sector’s long-term survival.

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