Should you invest in property at time of high inflation?

Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate is challenging, especially when there is uncertainty about the return and inflation risk.Check what experts say. Housing sales and new launches in 2022 exceeded full-year readings in 2019 by around 2.73 lakh units sold in 9M 2022 and 2.65 lakh units launched. This suggests that housing demand is increasing. But how effective is real estate investment in terms of higher returns?

“Investing in real estate is a crucial selection because it becomes a more valuable and well-known store of significant worth amid inflation while earning expanded with rental payments. When investing in land, one should examine the need for liquidity, their expense strategy, and the time they can devote to dealing with the investment, which will be more concentrated than a stock portfolio. In any case, when prices are growing, real estate may frequently be an excellent place to put your money “, said Mr. Subhash Goel, MD, Goel Ganga Developments.

According to experts, despite a 140 basis point increase in interest rates this year, house loan rates remain attractive, and customers/investors will look to take advantage of this.

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