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Pandemic Status of India

Around mid-March there was a sudden surge in Covid-19 infections and it increased rapidly, resulting in more than 400,000 recorded daily cases. The numbers were rising subsequently until lately the cases have witnessed a dip. The savage second Covid wave that wreaked havoc across the country killing thousands and infecting lakhs of people daily apart from breaking the back of medical infrastructure may finally be waning. However, the war against the deadly infection is far from over. States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana, were worst affected by the second wave showing continued plateauing or decrease in daily new COVID-19 cases. Lockdown of 15 days, restrictions on mass gatherings and shutting down non-essential activities in the states with a hike of COVID-19, have helped reduce the rate of infection growth and the cases started plateauing gradually. After registering a steady rise for two months, the active cases has now reduced to over 37,15,221, accounting for 16.16 per cent of the total infections, while the national COVID-19 recovery rate was recorded at 82.75 percent. Currently, there are two COVID vaccines being administered in India. These include the Covaxin and Covishield. To fight the novel coronavirus and to build immunity against the virus, getting vaccinated is a must.

Status of Covid Vaccination in Maharashtra

India has so far given more than 100 million doses of two approved vaccines – Covishield and Covaxin. Maharashtra recently crossed the one crore-mark in COVID-19 Vaccination, touching 1,00,38,421 doses, the highest by any state. The state is leading the overall vaccination drive with 11,79,70,191 total doses so far. Earlier the COVID-19 Vaccination was to be provided for free from May 1st 2021 to all the citizens ranging from 18-45 age group. But due to the dearth of Covid-19 vaccine doses, the state government decided to take a haul on the drive temporarily. Over 2.75 Lakh vaccine doses are remaining for this group.  It will be further utilized for 45 years and above group now. Getting vaccinated is a crucial step in order to prevent the third wave in the near future.

Positive stats about COVID-19 recovery

Even amid the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, India is witnessing declining trends in the number of active COVID cases. The recovery rate is gradually improving due to the vaccination drive running vigorously in the country. According to The Health and Family Welfare Ministry, the active cases comprise 16.15 per cent of the cumulative positive cases. There are over 37.15 lakh active cases in the country at present. Since the country is registering over three lakh recoveries daily from the past many days, the recovery rate has further improved to 82.75 per cent. So far, over 1.90 crore patients have already recovered from the disease.

How to Register through CoWIN portal?

  1. Visit and click on Register/Sign in yourself.
  2. Add your contact details and click on Get OTP. After receiving the OTP, enter it on the site, and click on ‘Verify’.
  3. Enter all your details on the ‘Register for Vaccination’ page. Then, hit Register.
  4. After you register, click on ‘Schedule’ next to the name of the person registered.
  5. Enter your pin code and click on Search. The centres in the added pin code will appear.
  6. Select the date and time and click on ‘Confirm’.

How can you register for Covid Vaccination?

All those above 18 years of age can register themselves for vaccination against Covid-19 using the CoWIN platform or Aarogya Setu app. You cannot get vaccinated if you have not registered yourself.

How to Register through the Aarogya Setu App?

Open the Aarogya Setu App and click on the CoWIN tab.
Then, follow the same steps as of CoWIN website.

Look for the nearest vaccination centre to you

Sr. No. Vaccine Type Pincode Centre Name Map Area Approx Time
from Swargate
Approx Distance
from Swargate
1 Covaxin 410501 Chakan RH Chakan 70 mins 34.5 kms
2 CoviShield 410503 Manchar SDH Manchar 100 mins 65 kms
3 CoviShield​ 410505 Rajgurunagar PHC Rajgurunagar 80 mins 47 kms
4 Covaxin 410506 Rural Hospital Kanhe Phata Kanhe 65 mins 45 kms
5 CoviShield​ 410507 Talegaon D PHC Talegaon Dabhade 60 mins 34.8 kms
6 CoviShield​ 411001 Pune Cantonment Near Golibar Maidan 5 mins 2 kms
7 CoviShield​ 411006 Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Yerwada 15 mins 8 kms
8 CoviShield​ 411011 Kamla Nehru Hospital Kasba Peth 10 mins 4 kms
9 CoviShield​ 411017 New Jijamata Hospital Chinchwad 40 mins 18 kms
10 Covaxin 411018 Masulkar Eye Hospital Pimpri 30 mins 20 kms
11 Covaxin 411024 Khadakwasla PHC Khadakwasla 30 mins 13 kms
12 CoviShield​ 411026 New Bhosari Bhosari 40 mins 19 kms
13 CoviShield​ 411027 Ahilya Devi School Sangavi 25 mins 12 kms
14 Covaxin 411027 District Hospital Aundh Aundh 30 mins 13 kms
15 CoviShield​ 411027 Ingawale School Pimple Nilakh 30 mins 14 kms
16 Covaxin 411028 Annasaheb Magar Hospital Magarpatta 20 mins 8 kms
17 CoviShield​ 411033 Premlok Park Dispensary Pimpri 40 mins 21 Kms
18 Covaxin 411035 New Akurdi Hospital Akurdi 35 mins 22 kms
19 Covaxin 411038 Jayabai Sutar Hospital Kothrud 20 mins 7 kms
20 Covaxin 411041 Murilidhar Laigude Hospital Dhayri 20 mins 9 kms
21 Covaxin 411044 Yamunanagar Maternity Hospital Pimpri 45 mins 24 kms
22 CoviShield​ 411057 Maan PHC Maan 45 mins 23 kms
23 Covaxin 412115 Pirangaut PHU Pirangut 45 mins 23 kms
24 CoviShield​ 412201​ Lonikalbhor PHC​ LoniKalbhor​ 30 mins​ 19 kms​
25 Covaxin 412202 Urulikanchan PHC Urulikanchan 50 mins 30 kms
26 CoviShield​ 412206​ Bhor SDH​ Bhor 90 mins​ 50 kms​
27 CoviShield​ 412208​ Shikrapur RH​ Shikrapur​ 75 mins​ 42 kms​
28 CoviShield​ 412409​ Otur PHC​ Otur​ 140 mins​ 98.5 kms​
29 CoviShield 413801 Devulgavraje PHC Daund 65 mins 43.7 kms
30 Covaxin 411001 Sasson Hospital Agarkar Nagar 10 mins 3.8 kms
31 Covaxin 413133 Baramati WH Local Baramati MIDC 146 mins 114 kms
32 CoviShield 410501 Karanjvihire Khed 90 mins 48.3 kms
33 CoviShield 413106 Bijawadi PHC Indapur 150 mins 137 kms
34 CoviShield 412306 Hol PHC Baramati 130 mins 78 kms
35 CoviShield 412410 Belha PHC Junnar 150 mins 98 kms
36 CoviShield 412410 Rule SC Local Velhe 71 mins 33.6 kms
37 CoviShield 413114 Palasdev PHC Indapur 136 mins 123 kms
38 Covaxin 413114 Lasurne PHC Indapur 145 mins 128 kms
39 CoviShield 410508 Dhamani PHC Ambegaon 120 mins 66 kms
40 Covaxin 412215 Warwand PHC Daund 77 mins 60 kms
41 CoviShield 412212 Ambavane SC Local Velha 69 mins 43.9 kms
42 Covaxin 410503 Sub District Hospital Manchar 102 mins 65.3 kms
43 CoviShield 411022 SRPF Group For Police Wanwadi 15 mins 6.3 kms
44 Covaxin 411018 Masulkar Eye Hospital Pimpri Chinchwad 37 mins 18.5 kms
45 CoviShield 412208 Wade Bolhai Haveli 62 mins 30 kms

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