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Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Properties near Highways

24 Sep 2016

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Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Properties near HighwaysNowadays, highways are becoming new coveted real estate destinations. They are witnessing a rise in construction activities because of the high demand from homebuyers who want cost-effective options as well as convenience. However, you need to consider a few things before buying such properties near the highway.


Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:


Connectivity & Social Infrastructure


   - The first thing you must consider is the distance from your home to your workplace. If you need to commute to the city centre for work, then it might not be a good idea to buy a home near a highway.

   - Check whether you have easy access to schools, retail centres, hospitals and other basic necessities. If the micro-market where the highway cuts across has enough social infrastructure, then buying a home in such a location would indeed be advantageous. The decision depends on your lifestyle and family.


Proximity to Highway


   - The next thing to consider is the noise level. The more your home is closer to the highway, the higher will be the noise level. To minimize the sound levels, you may need to install sound-proof windows and sound barrier curtains.

   - In recent times, many state and national highways are being upgraded from two to four and six lanes. Such expansion plans need land acquisition that may affect you if your home is located too close to the highway.


Safety Measures


   - With properties located very near highways, you have greater safety concerns due to higher probabilities of crimes such as thefts.


Hence, assess the security and safety measures before buying a home – check if the property has proper exterior fencing, if there is a police station in the vicinity, if the homes have appropriate security options such as CCTV cameras and security alarm systems and so on.


Legal Disputes


   - Many times, projects face legal issues due to illegal encroachments on the Government’s or agricultural lands.


As a result, you should ensure all legal clearances have been obtained before you purchase a home.


Infrastructural Development


   - Usually, properties along highways have damaged internal roads due to frequent movement of load-bearing vehicles. While developers and buyers pay external and internal developmental charges, the infrastructural development work has to be carried out by the municipal body. Hence, you need to check the infrastructural work in the area.


It is imperative to consider the above-mentioned points before buying a home near a highway. While the development will fetch you great returns on investment in the future, you should always make the purchase a well-thought out decision.


Authored by Goel Ganga Developments, one of the reputed real estate builders in Pune.

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