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The Key to Choosing a Good Apartment

16 Jun 2016

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A perfect home is not just about a great apartment, but also a lively neighbourhood. You’ll want to make sure it meets most of your needs, so you don't end up regretting your move later. So, before you sign the deal, take the time to consider these things:


The neighbourhood

Is the community in an area close to or at an acceptable distance from your workplace? Are there grocery shops, eat outs, retail joints, malls, hospitals and educational institutes nearby? If you’re trying to get by without a car, is the apartment close to public transportation? How is the noise and traffic in the area? You'll surely want to ensure that your home is at a convenient location.


The amenities

You'll also want to make sure that the community has all the amenities needed for a convenient lifestyle, such as landscape gardens, swimming pools, children’s play areas, gyms, party lawns, sports facilities and more. The community should also have proper civic amenities such as water, electricity, etc.


The specifications

Finishes and materials used in the building are important. Check for quality finishing details such as tile work, paint, kitchen hardware, plumbing fixtures, windows and doors, flooring and others. If it is a resale property, you should also consider the age of the building and if there are any facilities likely to require repairs or replacement. Also check if there are any leaks and cracks in the ceiling, corners and walls of the house.


The design

Consider the design of the house. Does it have sufficient space for your refrigerator, washing machine, wardrobe and more? Is there enough storage space to keep your iron, clothes, books, towels and other belongings so that the rooms don't look cluttered?

Another aspect to look out for is the direction in which the home faces. A home designed according to Vaastu-Shastra is considered to bring good luck and prosperity.



You'll want to make sure that your home is safe and sound. Check if the community has security features such as controlled entry and exit, CCTV surveillance, emergency facilities, fire and internal security and the like.


If it all sounds a bit overwhelming, consulting a real estate broker can save you a lot of time. Talk to him about your specific requirements – he’ll be able to help you and give you professional insight. It’s also always a good idea to talk to the neighbourhood’s residents for insider information!


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