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The Good Life - Your Guide to a Lively Living Room

15 Feb 2016

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The Good Life - Your Guide to a Lively Living RoomYour living room is the first place you set foot in when returning tired and drained from work. It's your comfort zone, so why not pep it up a little? Let's work to make it a place you don't want to leave and can't wait to return to. Here are a few ways to add a dash of spunk!


1. Lighten Up!

Keep your living room light and airy with flowing curtains, neutral coloured walls and upholstery in pastel shades. Not only does it make the room seem larger, it brings in a certain sense of calm. Once you achieve a serene atmosphere in terms of the colour and furnishing, you can experiment with the embellishments to add character to the room.


2. Charms and Baubles

If you're the quirky kind who loves to stop and pick up trinkets, placing them around your living room could be a great way to amp up its look. The soothing notes of a pretty wind chime or an aromatic candle lit in an attractive jar will help alleviate stress while building on the charm. In the meanwhile, your display case full of quaint items will show off your keen sense of detail. So next time you have guests over, let your living room do the talking!


3. A Pillow-y Affair

A living room is essentially meant to kick back and unwind. Throw a few soft cushions that complement or contrast the decor. The couch potato in you will thank you for it and it'll spin some magic in the area.


4. Framed!

When people enter your home, the only way in is through the living room. Put up a statement painting that catches their eye. Make sure it is in tandem with the wall colours and your sensibilities as well. Or, pictures of your favourite family and college trips framed, may be pinned up to fill a wall and enhance the space while creating talking points.


5. Pots of Love

Plants hung from the ceiling in eye-catching planters or arranged as a centrepiece on your coffee table adds a dash of charisma like nothing else. It's unassuming, easy to handle and absolutely beautiful. You can't have a lively and inviting living room without some plants. Never underestimate the value of simplicity!


There's no rule of thumb when it comes to enlivening your living room. You could always play around with colours, textures, the décor and arrangement! It's your personal space, go ahead and give it a shot.

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