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Should You Invest in an Apartment or a Villa Project?

04 Mar 2016

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Should You Invest in an Apartment or a Villa Project?It’s the apples vs. oranges debate, really. While both villas as well as apartments have their fair share of pros and cons, as a prospective homebuyer or an investor, it’s upon you to decide what makes for a more lucrative purchase. Let us walk you through a series of pointers that help you make a profitable real estate investment:


Apartments are located within the city; villas are positioned towards the outskirts.

Well, most of them. When it comes to making a real estate purchase, location is one of the most critical factors to be taken into account. Today, a majority of real estate buyers are middle-aged professionals seeking a house that lessens traffic commute hassles, has all social convenience of urban life, and an overall abuzz atmosphere. While villas are usually quaint, devoid of any urban chaos, apartments, undoubtedly, make life easier with their umpteen choices of a well-connected lifestyle.


Villas are expensive; apartments are cheaper.

It’s no secret that villas look breath-taking in their full glory, not to mention a sense of privacy and luxury that they provide. However, with their expansive square footage and a higher rate of maintenance, villas are obviously a lot pricier than apartments. While the maintenance of your entire villa may completely fall down upon you, that is not the case with an apartment. The common areas of a residential society such as the garden, clubhouse, etc. are tended to and maintained by the builders and representatives of the property, thus, making day-to-day management cheaper and easier for you.


Apartments have higher selling/renting prospects as compared to villas.

Upon choosing a locality to invest in, the next step you need to take is to study the demographics of the area. What kind of real estate buyers are you attracting? How many people are there in each family already residing in the area? Do they prefer large, open, independent spaces, or are they looking for a smaller setup? These points will help you understand what kind of audience you’re targeting. There’s no point investing in an apartment that doesn’t have a good social infrastructure surrounding it or decent connectivity, as these aspects highly affect the rate at which your property is likely to be sold or rented.


With an array of landmarks gracing the city of Pune, Goel Ganga Developments have continued to develop detailed, innovative, and reliable properties that thousands of families today call their home. With state-of-the-art residential projects such as Ganga Acropolis and Ganga Ishanya in the pipeline, GGD aims to provide a 360-degree lifestyle to homebuyers and investors alike.

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