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Monsoon Tips to Maintain a Top Floor Apartment

26 Jul 2016

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Monsoon Tips to Maintain a Top Floor ApartmentLiving in the top floor apartment has numerous advantages – you get breath-taking views, there is less or no overshadowing from other buildings and hence more natural light and cool breeze and there is also the advantage of not being able to hear your neighbours above.


However, there are a few things to take care of, especially during monsoon, as there are chances of waterlogging, seepage, leakages and other such issues. 


In order to ensure your home is safe and dry, we bring you a few tips for you to consider:


Look for drainage points

Ensure that the drain points in the terrace are cleared regularly so that there is no chance of waterlogging. You can also level the terrace with cement plaster for smooth flow of water.


Check for cracks

Early examination and repair work for cracks is necessary. This will prevent damage to the building. You can choose fiberglass crack filling compound for both interior and exterior surfaces.


Take care of electrical fittings and electronic items

If the electrical fittings are left exposed, they can pose a great danger to life. In order to ensure safety, you can hire a professional to check for any loose wiring and damaged electrical cords. You can keep moisture absorbing bags behind electronic equipment to keep it safe and prevent short circuits.


Install shades

Install plastic or bamboo shades with your doors or windows. Along with preventing water from coming in, it will still allow for outside views.


Waterproof the exposed areas

You can use liquid waterproofing membrane, a specially formulated cement additive that increases the life of the building, so there are no cracks, rusting or leakages.


Use sealants

You can use quality silicone sealants in the gaps of window and door sills. This will prevent rainwater from entering your home.


So, hope this helps in preparing your home before the monsoon begins!

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