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Make Your Home Appealing with Pocket-friendly Room Decor Ideas

01 Jun 2016

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Make Your Home Appealing with Pocket-friendly Room Decor IdeasRevamping your home decor needn’t always require you to spend lots of money. There are numerous inexpensive ways in which you can make your rooms more appealing with some creativity and a few basic supplies. Check out these budget-friendly ways that are sure to turn your room into a space that feels like home.


     1. A printable wall mural gives substance to a room without the need for paint or wallpaper. It also makes your room look spacious.


     2. To bring in some life and nature to your rooms, consider adding some potted plants. Plants also lift your mood and clean the air.


     3. You can make a desk accessory set by using different containers such as mason jars, vases and tin cans. This will help you organise your things and keep them within easy reach.


     4. Art isn’t only for your walls! Consider putting some artsy throw pillows on your bed.


     5. Here's a chance to put your nail polish collection to good use! Add your favorite shades of polish to water to create various patterns. Then dip a votive candleholder in that water and roll it across the nail polish. The polish will separate from the water and stick to the votive holder. Roll the votive to spread the polish evenly. Set the votive to dry in the open. Now start using these colourful candleholders.


     6. Paint is one of the best makeover potions. Paint any one wall with a colour that goes with the furniture and other objects in the room. You can also paint the insides of bookshelves with a unique colour, paint your ceiling a lighter shade of the wall colour, or paint any other space in your home to make a statement.


     7. To spruce up your exterior, paint your front door with a bright hue such as crimson red or turquoise. This will make the entrance happier and more inviting!


     8. Introduce a large mirror in your room. It will amplify tight spaces, making the space seem roomier. It’s a classic home decor trick to create instant space.


     9. To decorate your walls, put up pictures and seal their borders with washi tapes. It's cheap and also temporary.


     10. Gather a bunch of your favourite photos and create a display with clips and wire on the wall. It's these little things that make a house a home.


     11. Thinking of creating a beautiful wall arrangement? Put plates of unexpected colours and patterns on the walls. Choose one colour, varying shades, sizes and textures. Put the most attractive and largest plate at the centre with the all others around it.


     12. Make a fabric pouf at home that can be used as an ottoman seating for guests or as a coffee table. Use a fabric with patterned or floral prints that match with the other objects in your room.


     13. Put an open storage unit with a surface for displays and lighting beside your bed. You can also stack reading materials or pieces of decor inside the unit.


     14. Convert a boring sofa into a lively one by putting colourful and bright cushion covers on the pillows.


     15. Turn your old lampshade into a showstopper by simply covering it with a beautiful fabric.

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