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Is the Monsoon Season a Good Time to Buy a Property?

26 Jul 2016

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Is the Monsoon Season a Good Time to Buy a Property?The monsoon is a season of unending joy. It sets the perfect mood to enjoy pakoras and hot tea in the company of a refreshing breeze and lush greenery.


When it comes to buying a property, however, you become averse to carrying out site visits.


It’s understandable, but experts suggest there are several reasons as to why the monsoon season is an ideal time to scout for a new home. 


1. It’s the perfect time to avail offers and discounts

Monsoon being a season of slow demand, developers launch a good number of deals, offers and relaxed payment terms. Consequently, you can bask in the glory of a wide variety of offers and discounts.


2. It’s the perfect time for offers on home loans

Along with discounted property rates, banks come up with special offers on home loans. They will tend to be more willing than usual to negotiate on their charges and interest rates on home loans.


3. It’s the perfect time to evaluate product quality

The monsoon is the best time to determine the overall construction quality of a property. The heavy downpours will reveal construction flaws such as water logging in and around the building as well as seepages and leaks, if any. 


4. It’s the best time to choose the perfect locality

The surrounding infrastructure, including roads, can also be evaluated at this time as they are exposed to less-than-ideal weather. So you can determine the road condition, traffic, neighbourhood, accessibility to other areas and commute time in the rainy season.


So don’t think twice, take that site visit – if a development stands the test in the worst weather conditions, it will do wonderfully well. And let’s not forget, buying a home in the monsoon can actually help you get the best value for your investment.

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