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How to Balance your Work and Personal Life

06 Jun 2016

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How to Balance your Work and Personal LifeIn todays busy world, balancing ones work and personal life can be a challenge. For those who face this difficulty, prioritizing is key to being a successful professional while still having a thriving personal life.

Here are five steps to meeting this challenge head-on and coming out on top:

Step 1


Doing one thing at a time lets you do it to the best of your abilities. Prioritizing helps you figure out what's most important and diverts your attention to achieving that task first. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve most within a certain time frame? The answer is your first priority, likewise you can figure out your second and third priority. 


Step 2 

Time yourself

When being engrossed in a task we often lose track of time. Sometimes we use more time in the completion of a task than what's needed, this can be counter productive. Track the amount of time you are using for each task, this way you can create a schedule before hand, and make the most of this precious commodity. 


Step 3

Do one thing a day you enjoy

Go to dinner with friends, play a game of golf or football, or fix an hour to read your favourite book. Doing one thing a day that's devoted to yourself leaves you feeling positive and more productive when it's time to work. 


Step 4

Protect your time

Work is important but so is your private time. Don't let either interfere with the other. Give your schedule the respect it deserves. Only if there's an emergency should you let your work interfere with your private time and vice-versa. 


Step 5

Take a vacation or a weekend trip

Take at least two weeks off from work every year. This sort of time-out lets you recuperate and devote your attention towards family and your needs. If you can afford it, a holiday home fulfills this purpose, it's a place where you can let down your guard and concentrate on what's important, your personal life. 

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