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How Pune Is Becoming The Best Destination For The Housing Market

15 Jun 2017

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How Pune Is Becoming The Best Destination For The Housing MarketA recent report prepared for the FY 2016-17 has shown that Pune is one among the few other cities in India with an expanding market for affordable housing. Buying property in Pune is being touted as an excellent investment move for more reasons than one. 


Here are some reasons why Pune is becoming the best destination for the housing market:


1. Affordable housing options: Pune is steadily emerging as the new hub of real estate projects with numerous offerings in the realm of affordable housing. As a city, Pune offers diverse options in housing for those with smaller budgets.


2. Comparable to any metro city: Pune boasts of many renowned academic institutions, which is why many students relocate to this city for higher education. In addition to that, you will find everything from high-end shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants and cafés to world-class healthcare and top-notch civic infrastructure that make Pune a city comparable to any metro city in India. 


3. Relatively lower cost of living: Despite having the best in terms of infrastructure and amenities, the cost of living in Pune is relatively lower than it is in other major cities in India.


4. Proximity to significant destinations: Pune shares excellent connectivity to Mumbai, Bengaluru and other major cities in India. Pune is also surrounded by some beautiful hill stations, which make for great options when it comes to planning your weekend getaways, sightseeing tours and other recreational activities.


5. Great weather all year round: Unlike most other places in India, Pune remains cool and pleasant all year round. This is yet another major reason why people from all over the country are choosing to move to Pune. 


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