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How IT Parks Have Transformed Pune

20 Jul 2017

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how-it-parks-have-transformed-puneUntil about twenty years ago, Pune was primarily known for its educational institutions, its cultural history, and for its great weather all year round. However, the landscape of Pune is now totally changed with the predominance of IT parks in the city. Economic liberalization in the country witnessed a great investment in the IT sector of Pune, thereby encouraging numerous multinational IT firms to set up business in Pune and recruit fresh talent from the city.


Here are some ways in which the presence of IT parks in the city has transformed Pune.


Outstanding educational institutions have established their presence in the city: In addition to the reputed educational institutions that were already located in the city, some of the best academic institutions for science, engineering and arts have now established their presence in the city. For this reason, Pune has earned the title of ‘The Oxford of the East’.


The job opportunities are many and are growing in number: Apart from a large number of international IT firms operating out of the city, Pune is also being recognized as the hub for IT startups. The robust IT culture in Pune has created lakhs of job opportunities in the city that are only growing in number.


The real estate sector has grown significantly: With talent from all parts of the country migrating to Pune, the real estate sector here has flourished and grown. The commercial and residential real estate projects in Pune are easily on a par with the best ones around the country. For those looking to invest in real estate in Pune, the opportunities are many and the time is just right.


Pune has become a cosmopolitan and ultra-modern city: Today, Pune is recognized as a cosmopolitan and ultra-modern city owing to the IT boom. The standards of living are excellent and the lifestyle choices are comparable to the ones in the metros. 


The IT sector has brought about a major transformation in Pune, yet the good old things - like the beautiful weather - have remained the same. 


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